Tame the Wilderness? is a hot flash, a volume of sorts, it arrives after the season, in retrospect, or perhaps in astonishment that things remain as uncertain as ever. 
This zine is a communal achievement, put together in conversation and collaboration with artists in New York and nearby. The collection speaks to matters of being together in the world, addressing ongoing issues of colonialism, race, indigeneity, class, and the climate, as well as the current global pandemic, and the courageous social justice movements happening in the United States and around the world, from Black Lives Matter and beyond.
The contributions of art, poetry, vocal exercises, essays, survival instructionals, word puzzles, horoscopes, and dream analysis together provide a temperature and way of identifying and experiencing our spiraling conditions. 
Download the PDF here

Redistribute Health by Dread Scott getting printed at Lucky Risograph on Canal St.

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